The first Old Skool Iron was established in 2011 in Vacaville, CA by a dynamic team of hard core weight lifters. Under their motivated leadership, the business has grown and is now a thriving destination for dedicated weight lifters in and around Vacaville. The team has applied their drive, skills, business knowledge and leadership to successfully guide the gym to this exciting franchise juncture.

The cornerstone of the Old Skool Iron business philosophy is to bring to the weight lifting industry a well-designed operation, providing strength and conditioning, powerlifting, bodybuilding and training in a no-frills get ‘er done atmosphere. When Old Skool Iron puts its name on something, our clients and the employees know that they are going to experience the very best we have to offer during each and every visit.

Our management, trainers, and support personnel, are trained in courtesy and politeness, treating all clients as friends who are welcome to utilize our equipment and feel comfortable in our surroundings at their own pace. The fitness industry offers the public hundreds of choices. Superior customer service is the most important aspect of a power lifting gym. Together with fair pricing, topnotch equipment and a pleasant staff, clients will return, time and time again, becoming the loyal clients that build great businesses.

We believe strongly in this philosophy and have now added to it a new ingredient: franchising. The day-to-day operations of Old Skool Iron must be flawless and consistent. That is the reason for this manual suite, to ensure all personnel understand the complete picture, and to coordinate the actions of each member of the team. This is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. The degree of growths depends upon the amount of effort and energy put into learning and executing each phase of the business. With a lot of teamwork and hard work, Old Skool Iron will continue to expand.

Congratulations on joining us as we create America’s premier power lifting gyms.


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33 Commerce Place Suite D, Vacaville, CA 95687
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