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Old Skool Iron Promo from Richie Blac on Vimeo.


Welcome to our OLD SKOOL IRON web page. The place for real lifters who want to get strong and have a place to train without all the rules of a commercial fitness center.

This is a strength training, powerlifting and bodybuilding gym. This is not a fitness center! We offer power racks, various benches, a deadlift platform, dumbells and tons of iron to lift. This is a gym for serious lifters who want to get strong and not be bothered by those who only want to tone-up and improve their cardio.

No screaming spin classes here.

This is not a place with fancy mirrors so you can look at yourself, or a place to look cute in front of girls or guys who would never date you anyway.

This is a place to train, with no BS, lift heavy and hard, scream and yell, listen to loud music and have fun. We have beginners to competative lifters who love to work out. Come check it out, get away from all the health clubs and machines, they really don’t do anything.

Month to month, No Contracts, No sign up fees, No BS fees, pay for what you need.   

$45.00 one month,$35.00(EFT)one month $20.00 for one week pass (7 days) or $10.00 for a day pass

At Old Skool we live sore, all the others can’t stand the pain and quit, F’n sissies.