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Eric Cranage
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So this place is a diamond in the rough.

The thing that impresses me the most is how well everything works. It doesn't look like they would work but they run better than some of the newer equipment in some of those high end facilities.

2nd thing that impresses me about this place is how they have a vast amount of different equipment to work with. In normal gyms you are limited with the amount of weight you can lift or what your able to do. Here they have so much you definitely will be able to keep growing or shrinking depending on your goals.

3rd thing is the prices. For what you pay in your normal gym you can probably get two or three months here. (not bad right)

Now although this location is near a lot of homes in Vacaville it is a drive for me. Especially since they will have Peabody close for a year. But going here to train is so worth it.

Tyler is awesome and although I don’t get to train as often as I wish the couple of times a week we do train leave me sore for days lol... I am slowly seeing the fruit of the hard work.

Although at first you might feel intimidated by all the strong serious looking people you slowly realize they are all very friendly and helpful. Most of the time right after you see them the next thing you will get is a smile and a hello. (helps a lot) Oh and some of the girls that work out here are amazing and so motivational. You see what they can do and your like wow!!!! watch out this girl means business.

Anyways If you are trying to work out and don’t have a lot of money but are serious about getting fit and stuff this place will have what you need.

Genesis A., Suisun City, CA
Genesis A., Suisun City, CA

Honestly one of the best gyms around. As a power lifter, I can't find a better community than the people at this gym. Don't let the tattoos scare you, Darren, Rae and Eric are some of the nicest guys you'll meet. The equipment is top-notch, and are constantly being upgraded. In my few years there, the place has really expanded (literally and figuratively) into one of the most influential training facilities in Northern California; and it keeps getting better. Keep it going guys!

Eman A., Roseville CA
Eman A., Roseville CA

I run my training business out of this gym and I must say it is my second home! Everyone here is so friendly and helpful to make you stronger! I am a trainer and this gym even personally helped myself become a better athlete. I have been to hundreds of gyms and this one is by far my favorite!

Keep expanding Old Skool Iron and helping the world get STRONGER!

Tyler W., Vacaville, CA
Tyler W., Vacaville, CA

Great powerlifting gym- love the old school vibe and still worked great for us bodybuilders. Owners and members are some of the best guys I've met. As a female- this place is always respectful and welcoming... And the place to go if you are looking for some motivation. The athletes here make you want train

Rachel G., Vacaville, CA
Rachel G., Vacaville, CA

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