Upcoming Meets Directed by Old Skool Iron 

**Please note: Any USPA California State or National Referee available to judge any of the below meets, please contact Eric Cranage at eric.cranage@gmail.com Thank You** 

June 2nd 2018 – Savage Fit Open, Lathrope, CA

June 16th & 17th 2018 – Surf City Open, Santa Cruz, CA

June 30th 2018 – Hollister Open, Hollister, CA

July 7th – Ironborn Summer Smash, Yuba City, CA

July 21st & 22nd 2018 – Drug Tested San Jose Fit Expo, San Jose, CA

August 25th 2018 – Chico Classic, Chico, CA

*September 22nd 2018 – Salinas

*October 20th 2018 – Jacked O’Ween, Santa Cruz, CA

*November 3rd & 4th 2018 – Sonoma County Open, Cotati, CA

*December 15th 2018 – NorCal Championship, Merced, CA

*These meets have not been posted to the USPA Calendar, please watch for them in the future


Each USPA meet director has their own policy on switching meets and refunds.

With the growth of the USPA and the number of meets directed by Old Skool Iron, we are forced to change our policy.

Please read below for our new policy as of 2018:

Refunds will only be given 30 days or more prior to the meet, with a $15.00 service fee.

You must pay for your entry when you sign up, filling out the entry form will not save you a spot in the meet and will be given to someone else if not paid.

You will no longer be able to switch meets. Once you sign up you will only be able to withdraw. You will then need to sign up for the new meet you wish to compete in.

You may not transfer your spot to a friend or another lifter.

You may still switch catagories, weight classes, add divisions or events all the way up to weigh in date.

If you have any questions please email us at oldskooliron@oldskooliron.com

Are you interested in hosting a USPA Meet? Information below:

USPA/Meet Directors Provide the Following:
  • Rental of porta-potty’s if applicable
  • Rental of tables and spectator chairs
  • All competition equipment (Kilo plates, competition barbells, combination squat/bench rack, banner, lights, computers, computer programs, PA system, judging lights).
  • Awards and Medals
  • Certified USPA Judges
  • Judge’s gas and hotel fees
  • Judge’s meals
  • Meet shirts for purchase (profits from these meet shirts go to USPA, however we place your gym logo on the back of the shirt with the other meet sponsors).
  • Entry forms, collecting entry forms and payments
  • Development of the flight list and order of the lifters
  • Email correspondence with each individual lifter (Rules, flight information, etc.).
  • Clean up and loading of all OUR equipment at the end of the event.
  • ***USPA meet director keeps 100% of the lifters entry fees. This is how we make money in order to provide the services above.
Host Venue (gym) shall provide the following:
  • Area large enough to set up the platform one day prior to the event.
  • Area large enough to set up a spectator area in front of the platform.
  • Weigh in area. This area must be private. Weigh-ins must be completed 24hrs prior to the start of the event. Weigh-in area will need to be available from 0900-1100 and 1700-1800 the day before the meet, and 0700-0800 the day of the meet.
  • At least 6 spotters and loaders for the event – This is a must.
  • At least three warm up racks (areas) for the lifters to warm up at, with adequate plates. If not available notify the Meet Directors ASAP.

***USPA pays the host gym a flat fee of $250.00 a day, or $350.00 for a two-day meet.

The Host Gym also makes a profit by charging a spectator fee of $5.00 per person at the door (you will average 100- 300 people a day), merchandise such as your gym’s shirts (or meet shirts if you choose to print your own), other items sold in your gym, and sponsors and/or venue booths – you should charge them for set-up and use of your venue.

We strongly advise you to set up food sales on meet day. This is a great way to bring in money for the host gym on meet day. Any type of food sales will be 100% profit for your gym.  We suggest BBQ-ing your own hotdogs and hamburgers, and selling it with chips and canned sodas.  This is usually the most profitable.  You can also look into food trucks or catering.  USPA/Meet Directors do not provide food or food vendors for your event.  

Contact information

If you have any questions regarding this information please feel free to contact Darren Monahan, Rae Stewart or Eric Cranage at the information provided below.  We look forward to working with you.  

What to expect during weigh ins:

Weigh-ins will generally be held 24hrs prior to the meet (the day before.)
Evening weigh-ins and day of weigh-ins will be held by exception only (rare.)

During weigh-ins bring all of your lifting gear.
1st – You will be asked to see the expiration date of your USPA Membership card.
2nd – we will confirm your lifting categories (raw, classic raw, single or multi ply) (junior, open, submaster, masters.)
3rd – we will ask for your opening lifts.
4th – we will ask for your rack heights with the ER Rack. (Tip: your rack heights will not change when competing in Northern California of when using an ER Rack, please write them down for future meets)
5th – we will ask to see all your lifting gear. We will make sure all gear is on the approved manufactures list which is listed in the USPA rule book. www.uspa.net
6th – You will be weighed by one of the officials of your same sex. If you are under 18yrs of age we will need a parent or another adult present during the weigh-in process. You will weigh-in in your undies or lifting singlet.
7th – you will be free to eat donuts and asked to return at the listed competition time.

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